BIIS was born in Madrid in 2016 as a one-time collaboration between jewelry designer Sara Lasry and fashion designer Rubén Gómez. Following the success of the collection, which placed the now iconic staple-earring in top retailers like Colette and Antonioli, BIIS became a brand of its own. Conceived as a jewelry label for men that appeals to women too, it delivers not only jewelry, but an open array of smart and funny items. Items often inspired by everyday objects and reinterpreted through a conceptual perspective, which have evolved into three distinguishable product ranges: sterling silver, fine jewelry, and costume jewelry. The latter is currently produced in Italy, while the former two are fully manufactured in Spain.

BIIS is, above all, an honest brand that responds to its designers impulses, rather than follow trends or marketing command. It is neither fashionable, nor chic, nor lush. As its creators put it: ‘It’s edgy yet suitable for all audiences, like an early Steven Spielberg’.

How did BIIS begin?

At a legendary nightclub in Madrid, like so many things begin in the vibrant capital of Spain. Sara and Rubén used to frequent the same place for years, and between gigs and dances, they usually ended up plotting ways to fill what they believed to be a gap in the jewelry industry: the masculine market. Finally, a joke shot the process: ‘What the modern man yearns for is a stapled-looking ear!And that was the seed of their debut collection SITE, humorously inspired by postmodern architecture and stationary items.

Who is behind BIIS?

Sara Lasry performed different jobs within the fashion industry back in her Paris days, from costume creation for cinema to cool hunting at a trend-scouting agency. While working hand on hand with a small jewelry creator from Montmartre, she discovered her true passion, which took her to New York and back to Madrid, to complete her education in Jewelry Design and Gemology. Back at her hometown, she started her brand Sara Lasry Slim Jewelry in 2009, which soon flooded Spanish fashion magazines and reached international top retailers. Rubén Gómez launched three self-produced fashion collections in 2007 with critical acclaim, getting soon appointed as accessories designer at Loewe, the Spanish luxury biggest player. Ever since, he has worked for a low cost brand and a major department store, aside his personal projects, which led him to be awarded with the Samsung Innovation Project in 2015.

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